Web Design

We perform web pages for any company, business or entity. Static and dynamic designs.

Network maintenance

We update their networks and web pages by inserting and updating content periodically.

Video Marketing diseño 3D

We create promotional videos and commercials and video reports for companies, products or services.


We offer the following services for companies and organizations: Configuration and repair of equipment, backups, installation of offices.

corporate web design
video marketing
Stores on line
Tele asistencia online
Vehicle Tracking


  • We use technology HTML5

    Samples web pages use HTML 5 the high technology, you can display your view on any device and any operating system.

  • Páginas autogestionables

    You can edit any update and modify your web content from anywhere with a computer and internet connection. We offer remote support through Team Viewer.

  • interactive designs

    Our pages contain dynamic elements such as online reservations, multilocalizador maps, forums, advanced searches articles, shopping online.

  • Maintenance

    We perform weekly, monthly and annual maintenance of your web platform and social networks as well as computer equipment and internal networks.

  • Adatación legislation LSSI

    Analysis and implementation of corrective measures for legal compliance of its website


  • video Marketing

    One of the most effective ways to reach thousands of people with video elements is through social networks.

  • Advertising Spots

    We carry out advertising spots 30 1 seconds a minute to share on social networks to promote: companies, products, servicos ... We use graphic effects, voiceover, free music copyright.

  • Reportajes video

    The video reports that we made last approximately 5 30 minutes, use graphic effects, voiceover, free music copyright. Format Full HD

  • Event videos

    If your company organizes an event, we manage to register, so that the same reach the greatest number of people, and your company becomes known.

  • 3D design and animation

    We work with design tools and animation 3D logos, icons, texts, vehicles or anything that sets your company.

Digital marketing

Merkawebs digital marketing commitment to both promoting products and services companies, as well as selling products on digital platforms. We have tools to create virtual models 2D and 3D and audiovisual designs.

GPS tracking

Intregramos on its website a system of tracking people or vehicles through a phone with Android operating system, the requirements is to have access to data and mobiles have GPS. Routes and positions will be stored on your site and can view data in real time. Ideal for: Parcels, dealers, vehicle fleets, event participants ...

Data security

We manage a plan backup hard disk or cloud, also recover data from damaged storage units, we give the possibility of retrieving them: hard drives, memory boards, Flash drives, USB drives ...

Last News

According to Motor Sport Castellar

Management of social networks and the creation of promotional vídeso and photography of their vehicles in Esposición.Motor Sport Castellar
Más info ...

According to National Nedelanden

We offer free financial needs analysis for all our customers for the multinational National Nederlanden.

Más info ...

According chain Luzmariel

Web management platform and implementation of promotional videos for signature womenswear Luzmariel 3 in their stores located in Barcelona, ​​Mataro and Sabadell.

According to the Dunes Trail Marathon

Making registration, editing and publishing videos on the Trail Dunes Marathón held in Morocco. sporting event bikes and runners from 2014.

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